Victory Baptist Church

2691 W. Possum Road ukk

Springfield, Ohio 45506


Independent, Fundamental, King James 1611

 "The end of your search

   for a friendly church."

Our Pastor - Pastor Dan Stinger

On Monday evening March 1, 1980, brought a significant change to Dan's life.  It was on that day as a young nine year old boy, living in Oklahoma, kneeling beside his mother's bed that he trusted Christ as he personal Saviour. 

After that, he grew up in Oklahoma and Indiana as a preacher's kid.  Following graduation he attended P.C.C. for criminal justice.  Then, in 1991 he returned to his parents' home who lived in Springfield, Ohio.  It was the next year he met the woman that would soon become his wife.

On the morning of October 25, 1992, on a carriage ride at Victory Baptist Church during Old Fashioned Sunday Dan proposed to DeAnn.  The two were married on June 26, 1993 at Victory Baptist Church.

Though not having grown up in church, but for a short time until the age of six, DeAnn thought she was saved as a child when she raised her hand during prayer after Sunday School wanting to be saved.  Then, the next Sunday she was baptized.  Though many times over the next few years she wrestled with it privately.

In February 1992, Dan and DeAnn met and were married in June of 1993.  In the winter of 1993 upon hearing the testimony of a dear friend, Mrs. Janet O'Bryan, Mrs. Stinger confided in her husband about her doubts and fears as to whether she was truly saved.  Though as a child she had raised her hand wanting to be saved, she had never verbally asked the Lord to forgive and save her.  That day sitting on the couch in their living room, her husband Dan led her to the Lord.  Through confession of sin and belief on the Lord Jesus Christ, Mrs. Stinger asked the Lord to forgive her and to save her.  Mrs. Stinger then followed the Lord in believer's baptism.

Pastor and Mrs. Stinger along with their five children, son in-law, and daughter in-law are actively involved in the ministry.