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Bread of Life Ministry

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Thank you for choosing the bread of life gift card program. With prayerful commitment to this program, it is our desire that many souls will be reached for Christ. Other benevolent benefits may also come into being, if God so chooses.

Several days before you plan you visit to the restaurant, seek God in prayer, asking Him for guidance and wisdom in the selection of the restaurant and the person to who you giving this card.

After the selection is made, it is imperative that the card be given anonymously. Kindly ask you server not to let you identity be made known. You may need to give a little explanation of what is going on, and this may also open up an opportunity for you to witness. It would be good to tip for the meal and consider something extra for delivering the card.

Special Note: Do not forget to include a tract from your local church in the card. The tract needs to contain the church address and contact information.

You may also choose to use the card in other ways. You may want to mail it with a gift card to a restaurant or with another merchant card enclosed. You may want to send a meal to a neighbor or a person for whom you have been praying. The program is very flexible and can be used in many ways.


Ask our Pastor about this ministry.